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Welcome to King Fahad Hospital Hofuf Hospital-Quality Management whether you are employee ,patient or visitor.We are working together to ensure that you receive excellent care in safe and comfortable environment.
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Dr.Ibrahim Al.Ibrahim
Quality Director

Education Plan (Training ,Research & Continuous Education)  CME-045

4 Multidisciplinary Policies  (Pharmacy Department) MUL-MMU(229-230)

12 Job Descriptions(Pharmacy Department ) PHA(016-027)

5 Policies  (Pharmacy Department)  PHA(028-032)
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44 Policies (Training ,Research & Continuous Education)  CME (001-044)

3 Policies (Pharmacy Department)  (PHA-003-004-012)

3 Multidisciplinary Policies  (Pharmacy Department) MUL-MMU(186-204-205)